A collection of other pieces of videographic criticism on Rio Bravo.
In this video, Rio Bravo plays over itself. I took two files of the complete film and placed them one on top of the other in Adobe Premiere and then trimmed the opening credits. I reversed the file on top and adjusted the opacity to 50% to make the film play backwards over itself. The video begins and ends with the first and final 44 seconds of the film playing side by side. That portion of the video is keyframed so that the images slowly grow, move towards the center, and merge into the layered image that comprises the rest of the video. The process then reverses itself at the end when the images shrink and return to the side by side position. Read more about the video here.
Inspired by the trailer to The Muse (1999), directed by Albert Brooks, here is Rio Bravo in 15 seconds. 
The first pieces of videographic criticism I created on Rio Bravo were made in Jason Mittell's course on videographic criticism at Middlebury College in 2018. Watch them via the showcase above.
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